2nd International Conference on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CSE),, Vancouver, Canada

2nd International Conference on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CSE)


2nd International Conference on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CSE)


CAM 2019 ConferenceConference series LLC Ltd is organizing 2nd International Conference on Complementary & Alternative Medicine in 2019 at Vancouver, Canada. We organize Complementary & Alternative Medicine meeting in the fields related to Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Homeopathy, Yoga, Herbal Medicine, Unani Medicine, Chiropractic Technique, Unani Medicine, Alternative Medicine & Treatment Methods, and Integrative Medicine etc.Conference Name    PlaceDateCAM 2019    Vancouver, CanadaOctober 25-26, 2019Welcome MessageWe are glad to welcome all the participants from all over the world to attend the 2nd International Conference on Complementary & Alternative Medicine” on October 25-26, 2019 at Vancouver, Canada. A great platform for Ayurveda practitioners, Yoga instructors, Homeopathic medicos, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, Massage therapists, Sports therapists, Physicians, Psychotherapists, Naturopathy practitioners and related experts to discuss and exchange their ideas on Complementary & Alternative Medicine. This includes reputed keynotes talks, oral presentations, Workshops, Symposium, poster presentations and young research forums.The format for Complementary Medicine 2019 will focus on evidence-based discussions by experts in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. The overarching goal is to provide participants with the knowledge to understand the benefits and risks of these treatments and to integrate them for healthier and improved patient outcomes.About OrganizationConferences Series organizes 1000+ Global events  every year across  the globe with support from 1000+ more scientific societies and Publishes 700 Open access journals which contains over 50000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.Who can attend?             Traditional Medicine  brings together individuals who have an interest in different fields of medicine like Ayurveda, Siddha medicine, Unani, Psychotherapists, Naturopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine, acupuncture(needle therapy), Chiropractic . It is a forum to explore issues of mutual concern as well as exchange knowledge, share evidence, ideas, and generate solutions.Who to attend?    Directors of Homeopathy Research    Business Delegates    Acupuncturists    Yoga Instructors    Naturopathic Physicians    Osteopathists    Homeopathic Physicians    Research Scholars    Professionals of Ayurveda    Professionals of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)    Industrial professionals    Student Delegates    Holistic Health Physicians    Ayurvedic Practioners    Chiropractic Professionals    Integrative medicine professionals    Massage Therapists    Reiki Practioners    Physical TherapistsWhy to attend?    Keynote Sessions    Workshop & Symposia    Networking & B2B (Business to Business Meeting)    B2C (Business to Customers)    Q&A sessions with the keynote speakers    Best research & Poster AwardSessions/TracksTrack 1: History and Evolution of Complementary MedicineComplementary medicine is an expansive term concentrated on malady control needs of wellbeing frameworks, practices and Alternative Medical Systems their related hypotheses like organic based treatments which once in a while consolidate powers with routine biomedical treatments to treat sickness. Reciprocal option prescription treatment procedures are thought to be outside of the predominant wellbeing arrangement of a specific culture or culture.·      Oriental medicine·      Healing Plants Track 2: Complementary Medicine TodayWhat is Complementary Medicine? Complementary Medicine Today is “a diverse group of treatments, ranging from symptomatic interventions to be used in conjunction with traditional therapies, meditation to other treatments to be used other than the surgeries and chemotherapy techniques. Complementary medicine courses take up the challenge to overcome ill health and different conventional therapies.Complementary medicine is a healing resource that encompasses all health systems, practices and its theories and beliefs that are not intrinsic to the health system of particular society.Track3: Alternative Medicine & Treatment MethodCorrelative and option Medic*tion is otherwise called CAM. Correlative and option solution tries to forestall and treat diverse conditions with the accompanying systems: Healing touch Energy Herbal drugs Many Complementary and option Medic*tion treatments have been around for a considerable length of time. Be that as it may, do they truly work..?There is research to demonstrate that some Complementary and option pharmaceutical methods can help with issues like agony and sickness. However, different treatments don’t have enough therapeutic proof to choose in the event that they are viable.Track 4:  Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing rapidly. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies 65–80% of the world’s health care services as Alternative Medicine ‘Therefore, from the viewpoint of the population ratio, more people use CAM than modern western medicine. Complementary Medicine Today is “a diverse group of treatments, ranging from symptomatic interventions to be used in conjunction with traditional therapies, meditation to other treatments to be used other than the surgeries and chemotherapy techniques. Complementary medicine courses take up the challenge to overcome ill health and different conventional therapies.Although much attention has been focused on CAM not only from physicians but also basic medical researchers, scientific evidence for most CAM is still sparse. Emergence of CAM as a new current of medicine depends on whether or not precise scientific evidence can be accumulated.Track 5: Homeopathic MedicineHomeopathic arrangements are referred to as homeopathics or cures. A homeopathic repertory is a list of ailment side effects that rundowns arrangements related with particular manifestations. Homeopathy utilizes creature, plant, mineral, and manufactured substances in its arrangements, for the most part alluding to them utilizing Latin or fake Latin names. Homeopathic solution is a restorative theory and practice in light of the body can recuperate itself. Homeopathy was established in the late 1700s in Germany and has been broadly honed all through Europe.Track 6: Yoga TherapyYoga has been originated in ancient India explaining the group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. There is a broad variety of Yoga schools, practices, and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Among them most well-known types of yoga are Hatha yoga and Raja yoga.Yoga offers a multitude of mental and physical benefits. In the modern era of yoga, advances in technology and accessibility of information allow researchers to test and prove these benefits that have been discussed for generations.    Raja Yoga    Classical yoga    Ashtanga yoga    Hatha yoga    Yogacara and VajrayanaTrack 7: Herbal MedicineWhat is Herbal Medicine? Herbalism is the main track of medical system which uses plant extracts as the important components. These can be either eaten or applied to skin in purpose of many medical treatments. Modern medicine recognizes herbalism as a form of alternative medicine, as the practice of herbalism is not strictly based scientific method evidence which is gathered.There are many types of herbal medicines used in this modern period. The list of herbal medicine depends on the type of plant and the method used for the modification of herbal medicine. An evidence-tested pharmaceutical drug uses many plant derived compounds in modern medicine. Herbs and medicines which are derived from natural sources are used in Phytotherapy and Phytochemistry for testing the modern standard effectiveness. Herbal medicine includes fungal and bee products including minerals and shells. Funding agencies have been supporting Herbal medicine with its funds through NIH, FDA and other funding organizations.Track 8: Arabic & Unani MedicineUnani or Yunani medicine is the term practiced in Mughal India and as Muslim culture in South Asia and modern day Central Asia in terms of Perso-Arabic traditional medicine. The term Yunani is derived from the Greek word Arabic Yunani based on the teachings of Greek physicians, Galen and Hippocrates.The main aspect in management of disease using Unani medicine depends upon the diagnosis of the disease. During the diagnosis there are some important clinical features which has to be followed i.e., signs, symptoms, laboratory features and mizaj (temperament). Frequently used Unani medicine is for the weight loss and diabetic treatment which are the major problems faced by people. Hamdard Unani Medicine is useful in treatment of Sexually Transmitted diseases.Track 9: Physical therapyPhysical therapy (PT), mostly known as Physiotherapy, is a primary care specialty in western medicine that, by using mechanical force and movements [Bio-mechanics or Kinesiology], Manual therapy, exercise therapy, electrotherapy and various physical therapies who practice evidence based treatments, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. It is performed by physical therapists (known as physiotherapists in many countries).Track 10: Massage therapyA pressure applied on a body with particular action is Massage therapy. These are the techniques commonly applied using fingers, hands, forearm, knees, elbows, feet or even with a device. Bodywork and Aquatic massage is performed with recipients floating or submersed in a warm-water therapy pool. Styles used in massage therapy range from smooth, long strokes to percussive, short strokes. Few massage therapists use lotions and oils for massage where most massage therapists have their clients unclothe for a massage, where some do not. A massage can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. A therapist customizes the massage, depending on the condition of the person, age, or any special needs or goals the person has.Track 11: AcupunctureAcupuncture is a kind of choice pharmaceutical in which thin needles are installed into the body. It is a key portion of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Needle treatment is the expansion in the skin of thin needles. It is ordinarily used for anguish mitigation. The bigger piece of people who seek out needle treatment do accordingly for musculoskeletal issues, including low back desolation, bear immovability, and knee torment.· Japanese Style Acupuncture· Korean Acupuncture· Korean Hand Acupuncture· Auricular Acupuncture· Veterinary Acupuncture· Medical AcupunctureTrack 12: Indigenous or Tribal MedicineA home cure is a treatment to cure an illness or affliction that utilizes certain flavors, vegetables, or other normal things. Home cures could possibly have therapeutic properties that treat or cure the infection or disease being referred to, as they are commonly passed along by laypeople. The therapeutic learning is passed from era to era basically through oral conventions. The framework has a tendency to be interesting to every tribe.· Traditional African Medicine· Traditional Mexican Medicine· Traditional Korean MedicineTrack 13: Unani MedicineUnani established writing comprises of thousands of books. As indicated by Unani pharmaceutical, administration of any infection relies on the determination of illness As an option type of Medic*tion, Unani has discovered support in India where prominent items like Egg Oil and Almond Oil are generally utilized for hair mind. Unani specialists can rehearse as qualified specialists in India, as the legislature endorses their practice. Unani solution has similitudes to Ayurveda. Both depend on hypothesis of the nearness of the components.· Herbs used in Unani Medicine· Basic Principles of Unani Medicine· Herbs and HealingTrack 14: AyurvedaAyurveda is the traditional medical system of India which has been originated 4000 year ago. It is based on the theory that disease results from an imbalance of the body’s life force (prana). It aims to restore balance within the body.Ayurvedic medicine is mainly used for hair loss and skin care treatments. The balance of prana is determined by equilibrium of the 3 Ayurvedic body types (doshas): vata, pitta, and kapha. Use of Ayurvedic herbal combinations to relieve symptoms in patients with RA has been studied. RA is treated based on the efficacy of Ayurvedic herbal combinations by identified 2005 systematic review of randomized controlled trails.Use of Ayurvedic practices to treat diabetes is being studied.After determining the balance of doshas, Ayurvedic practitioners design a treatment specifically tailored to each patientMain aim of Ayurveda is to restore balance within the body and also with nature using diet, herbs, meditation, massage, yoga and therapeutic detoxification. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the dietary supplements, but the regulations for dietary supplements differ and less strict than those given for prescription.Track 15: Chiropractic TechniqueChiropractic is an alternative medicine that deals with the diagnosis of mechanical disorder of SPINE which belongs to musculoskeletal system of our body.Development of osteopathic and chiropractic medicine in North America gained popularity of Chiropractic technique in late 19th century. Gonstead chiropractic technique is the major chiropractic technique used on the theme of spinal adjustment treatment “on hands”.The main part of Chiropractic technique is the massage and manipulation which helps in the adjustment of spine and related tissues. Chiropractic manipulation is not effective for any medical condition according to the scientific evidence, with the exception of treatment for lower back pain. Cervical spine has been debated particularly with the safety of manipulation. Adverse results, including death in the Chiropractic treatment are rare. Chiropractors may use exercise and other treatments as advice. Chiropractic Activation method is an instrument assisted treatment method used by chiropractors for treatment of back pain, neck pain and headaches.Track 16: Naturopathic MedicineWhat is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a distinct system of primary health care that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process through the use of natural remedies. The principles of Naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine in about 400 B.C. Naturopathy includes diagnostics and therapeutic modalities which include diagnostic testing, intervenous and injection therapy. One can find a Naturopath in nutritional and family consultancy and also in beauty clinics. A Naturopath usually practices in a freelance environment to put up their work in hospitals, spas, research, and health care and also in media. Funding agencies has been supporting Naturopathic medicine with its funds through NIH, FDA and other funding organizations.

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WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2019,Adelaide, Australia



This is the Adelaide Festival not to be missed, – the health, well being and natural therapies event in South Australia bringing together yoga and meditation instructors, musicians, speakers, and wellness-lovers into a huge celebration of mindful living. That means there’s something for every type of healthy foodie, mindful Yogi, sacred music lover and spiritualists, with free meditation & chant sessions sitting alongside gluten free & raw food seminars.

Try a yoga or meditation classes you most likely have never heard of from local and international teachers, attend a workshop on personal growth and be introduced to new holistic and healing practices while trying nourishing herbal tonics.

It’s also an opportunity to feel a part of a community of like-minded souls while connecting deeply to yourself and to others.

Here are some of the FREE Festival Features you won’t want to miss:

• LIVE stage – Performances on the live stage featuring a mix of conscious and sacred music, dynamic dance and more.

• FREE Seminars & Workshops – naturopaths, life coaches and psychologists meet with yoga and meditation teachers, reiki masters, energy healers and psychics, to examine new and interesting approaches to personal and spiritual wellbeing.

• The Wellbeing Zone – A vibrant showcase of free classes and workshops hosted by qualified practitioners of various health & healing modalities. Classes include health, nutrition, yoga, dance, movement, life coaching and a holistic lifestyle.

• The Mantra & Meditation Temple – Live demonstrations and immersive experiences in meditation classes, Kirtan, sound therapies,

• The Mystic Space – Featuring the mystical and exotic, this zone features free sessions by some of Adelaide’s best loved astrologers, shamanic and energy healers, tarot card readers, clairvoyants, mediums and psychics.

• The Massage SPA – After a full day shopping, visitors can head to the Massage Spa for their free shoulder, neck or head massage.

• The Kidz Playhouse – This area runs a variety of fun, engaging and inspiring workshops for kids of all ages. Drawing, painting, face painting.

• The Whole Food Court – Here visitors can fuel up with nutritious food, drinks and great coffee at one of several cafes`surrounding the venue.

• The Holistic Marketplace – Showcasing 300+ holistic exhibitors, visitors can indulge in some retail therapy, relax with a massage, discover some sacred music, receive guidance from a psychic reading, indulge in raw chocolate and organic wine, stretch at a yoga class, experience amazing live show, fuel up at one of several gourmet cafes` or just stock up on some of the world’s finest books, vitamins, organic skin care products, yoga supplies, supplements, handmade jewellery, crystals and gluten free treats.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh,Auckland

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Where:India Gate380 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland

Restrictions:All Ages

Ticket Information:

  • General Admission: $1,203.50 ($1,200.00 + $3.50 fees)
  • Buy Tickets

Phone Sales:

200 Hour Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course at Adi Yogpeeth best yoga school in Rishikesh. Certified by Yoga Alliance USA. This beautiful 28-day Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India overlooks the absolutely magnificent World Capital of Yoga – Rishikesh, India.
Adi Yogpeeth conducts yoga teaching training in rishikesh affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA, This is surrounded by beautiful mountains in the foothills of Himalaya with lush green environments and tranquillity at the bank of holy and mighty Ganges.

Adi Yogpeeth offers 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India curriculum covers an understanding of traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC in Rishikesh practice, introduction to yoga asana and its various layers while also sharing their tactic teachings of theory and yoga philosophy from basic to advance levels in reference to various ancient yogic version and scripture.
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh
This course is a stepping stone towards professional yoga teacher training course and also establishes a faithful yogic lifestyle which enables students to create a strong substance for understanding their own unique attributes as a certified yoga teacher.

200 hour yoga teacher training course program is qualified by Yoga Alliance USA, UK and fee include teacher training course, food, shared space with close bath, yoga mat, course materials and local visiting.

What does the course fees include?
– 28 nights Single Accommodation
– Daily nutritious vegetarian meals and teas
– Weekend excursions
– Course materials will be provided (books, yoga mat, cleansing kit)

Principles and guideline:
Yoga Teaching starts from early in the morning.

Respectful behaviour is mandatory at all times on and off the premises.

Respect the rules & regulations Adi Yogpeeth Yoga School Rishikesh.

Course fees are non-refundable.
Contact Us
Adi Yogpeeth
Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh
Uttarakhand, 249192 India
Website: www.adiyogpeeth.com
Email Us: info@adiyogpeeth.com

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India Gate, 380 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland

Wednesday 2 October 2019 7:00am and Wednesday 2 September 2020 7:00am

100-hr Kundalini & Chakra Meditation Facilitator Training Program,Toronto, Canada

100-hr Kundalini & Chakra Meditation Facilitator Training Program


100-hr Intensive Kundalini & Chakra Meditation Facilitator Training Program

There are many approaches to understand the art and science of meditation. Our approach is through Naturality, meaning to live according to your true nature. The Naturality approach is neither religious nor spiritual but natural; after learning the basics of meditation techniques and practices, you are encouraged to discover your unique way of meditating according to your natural personality. It is the easiest way to practice meditation. The practice of meditation promotes emotional healing and can be helpful for those suffering from a variety of acute and chronic health problems including stress-related disorders, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. The goal is to become free from fear and guilt and live with peace, passion and bliss.

Whether you are a practitioner of meditation or a beginner, this program will deepen your own meditation practice and will also enable you to teach meditation to individuals and groups.

This comprehensive and unique program is offered by Jivasu, founder of the Path of Naturality, and several of his fellow teachers, in association with and certified by the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

There are many approaches to understand and experience the Yoga of Kundalini and the Chakras. From the Naturality point of view, Kundalini and the Chakras constitute the supreme Yoga and contain the essence of all other Yogas, religions and spiritual paths. It is ancient yet contemporary, as it can be explained through spirituality and philosophy and also in terms of science without bringing any religion in to define it. Through its philosophy and practice we can understand and realize non-dual consciousness as well as our true selves and the world around us with all its chaos, politics, economy, joy, sufferings and cultural conflicts. To know Kundalini and the Chakras is to understand and realize what can be understood and realized at all levels of life.

What you will learn

In this 100-hour intensive teaching training course, taught in Toronto in September 2019, we will be focusing on both theory and practical meditation teachings, so that you will achieve mastery in the practice of Kundalini and Chakra methods to become a competent meditation facilitator.


Naturality: Naturality is an open, flexible and ever-evolving system of teachings that helps us to understand the root cause of life’s problems as well as to find the solutions within us. Guided by certain core principles and practices, individuals embark on the adventure of self-exploration. By walking the Naturality path, we build a healthy identity and discover our Inner Guru to guide us through a complex world. We eventually discover our natural self and are able to live fully.

Kundalini and Chakra Philosophy: Kundalini and Chakra philosophy is the study of Kundalini and the Chakras and their relationship with various types of yogas including Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga, as well as other spiritual paths.

Kundalini Meditations: Meditation is the art and science of relaxation, awareness and expansion of awareness. It is the tool to transcend thoughts and a restless mind resulting in Samadhi or enlightenment. In this program we will be specifically focusing on those meditations which facilitate the awakening of Kundalini and the Chakras.

Kundalini and Chakra Anatomy & Physiology: Learn about the biology of the body and brain and how they are connected to yoga poses, breathing techniques, Kundalini and the Chakras. You will be trained in a scientific understanding of Kundalini and Chakras.

Kundalini, Chakra and Mental Health and Addictions: The awakening of Kundalini and the Chakras has a direct effect on mental health and addictions and can aid in their effective management. Participants will learn how they can empower people with mental health problems and addictions for better management of these issues.


Learn poses, movements, locks, mudras (gestures), seed mantras for Chakras, breathing exercises and meditations.

Meditations: You will learn the theory behind and practice a variety of meditations, including Naturality, Kundalini and Chakras meditations. You will also explore the effects of meditation on the body, emotions, thoughts and how various mind-body health problems can be relieved by meditation practice. Meditation can become holistic medicine without any negative side-effects.

Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises are techniques to regulate your breath. ‎The different types of breathing techniques you will practice include: Alternate nostril breathing, Chakra, Ujjayi, ‎Kapalabhati, ‎Bhastrika or bellow breathing and breath of dissolution.

Chanting: Chanting will focus on seed, tantric and Naturality sounds and mantras which aid in Kundalini and Chakra awakening.

Kriyas: Kriyas are the harmonious combination of movements and chants specific to chakras.

Mudras or gestures: Mudras are hand and limb gestures that facilitate the flow of Kundalini energy.

Bandhas or locks: Bandhas are specific body poses, movement along with breathing exercise that pool energy in our body and direct its flow into specific chakras and channels.

Affirmations: Affirmations are movements and sounds that bring out the core message of a chakra.

Knowledge of basic marma or acupuncture points for healing: Knowledge of marma points will add to your knowledge of energy channels and their connection with the Chakras and nadis or meridians. Specific sujun movements will be practiced to stimulate the marma points.

Besides the above, you will also learn how to become an effective and confident teacher and how to teach students with different physical and mental health conditions, including those one which are induced by spontaneous Kundalini awakening.

Teaching Methods

Experience based education – Experience these practices directly and also look into the source of experience.

Problem based learning – Explore the problem of fear, meaning in life, love, relationship, fulfillment, work and education.

Dialectical dialogue – Explore two poles of an experience or knowledge.

Self-inquiry – Who am I? Enquire into the origin of knowledge, beliefs and motives.

Healthy competition and co-operation – These help in realizing and expressing our potential and bring unique creativity to teachings without us feeling isolated. We have a fear of our own greatness, known as Jonah’s complex, which we have to overcome to experience the best in us.

We become big by becoming bigger, not by making others small – and then by helping others to grow.

Course Material

Manual – A 150-page comprehensive manual containing the theory and practice of the Chakras and Kundalini Book – The Art, Science and Methods of Meditations by Jivasu (book)Naturality by Jivasu (book)Recorded meditation and chantsHandouts


September 14-19

[No class on September 20]

10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Overnight retreat September 21-22 at Bliss Haven Retreat Centre(www.blisshaven.net)


$1150 + HST (includes overnight retreat and course materials)

$250 deposit required to confirm your spot in the program, by cheque or via email transfer to lara@listenlightly.com. Payment in full is required 30 days before the start of the program.

Cancellation policy: We will refund the $250 deposit up to 1 month prior to the session start date. There is no cost to transer your spot to someone else.

More information?

For more information, contact us HERE.

Arkaya Healing & Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training, Vancouver, Canada

Arkaya Healing & Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training


Having Maitreyi as a teacher and healer is a unique experience for many reasons. You can feel her deep understanding about mind, body and spirit in a very natural, relaxed way and it is easy to access. The tradition of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda and Hinduism is deeply rooted in her presence, which defines her singular mastery. She also feels like a good friend. She understands how the old wisdom can blend with the current mindset in society, giving students very real tools, in a totally demystified way and out of the usually strict and rigid religious protocols. She’s not only a loving person but also inspires others to be in love and create friendly communities . This in my opinion is the very best contribution that can be done: to help individuals to create healthy spaces and supporting social evolution.

I’m profoundly thankful to get the chance to learn, talk, laugh and feel with her.- Jorge Vigara – Spain, Vancouver

A Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery & Self-Realization Program

Connecting Head, Heart & Hands to the Cosmic Heart

“Yoga is not just about cultivating a flexible body but having the flexibility to realign with ones expanse.”

– Yogacharini Maitreyi, Founder of Arkaya & Lead Guru for the program

Experience a completely different way of learning than just the intellectual in this Arkaya Teacher Training.This self-awareness and enlightened leadership program will help you to build a more conscious relationship with yourself, through:

CLASSICAL YOGA – jathi, kriya, mantra, asana, pranayama, different classical yoga streams, sankalpa, applied yoga philosophy and Yoga psychology.


MULTIDIMENTIONAL HEALING – Heal yourself and others. Includes energy healing.

TRADITIONAL TANTRA – Balancing the masculine and feminine within.

To EMBRACE your Vulnerability and EMBODY your highest potential.



The Arkaya Yoga, Mindfulness and Healing Teacher Training is steeped in Classical Yoga, the Siddha mystical traditions of south India and traditional Tantric practices that help reconnect to life. Yogacharini Maitreyi – founder of Arkaya and lead guru for the program – has been immersed in the yogic life since her childhood in India and is also certified formally. In India, she has received titles like Yoga chemmal (expert). She has shared the deeper dimensions of Yoga for two decades in India and around the world.

Traditional Tantra is the way and alchemy of the heart. It is a channeling and refinement of emotions, impulses and drives through purification tools which lead into lightness and joy. You will be balancing the Shiva (masculine/consciousness principle) and Shakthi (feminine/power principle) within and aligning with the bliss field. This will automatically allow for traumas to be cleared, old unhealthy habits to be dissolved and to build a strong foundation of resilience, ease and grace.


Practical Details

Please Note: Applications open in November 2018. Those invited into the program will have an opportunity to pay an earlybird rate before February 1st, 2019. In order to maintain quality and individual attention, this will be a small group with a maximum of 12-14 students so we expect it to fill up quite quickly.

The program begins in July 2019. If you are able, we encourage you to prepare well for the program by attending community classes and integrating some of the practices. TO STAY UP TO DATE ON INFO SESSIONS & COMMUNITY CLASSES, please join the Arkaya Vancouver Facebook group by clicking on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/arkaya.maitreyi/NO FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?No worries, please email infoarkaya@gmail.com with subject line: “Add Me to Arkaya Vancouver Email List”You will receive a monthly update with all of the latest Arkaya events. We won’t spam you or share your email with outside parties.

To Apply:

Please click on the “REGISTER” button above and pay the $50 application fee. Once we have received your payment, you will receive an email from infoarkaya@gmail.com in 1-5 business days. This email will include your application form. Please fill out the form and email it back to infoarkaya@gmail.com. We will then contact you in order to set up a phone interview. The phone interview will help us to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

Questions? Please email infoarkaya@gmail.com



1. You will experience the difference between yoga exercise and yoga. You will absorb the true implications and benefits of the yogic path.

2. You tap into effortless effort while seeing how the yoga class is a structure for life.

3. Arkaya yoga allows you to celebrate life in all its glory and tap into your childlike mirth and goodness. Many positive and subtle paradigm shifts will occur.

4. Become sensitive to prana or chi or life force and learn to heal yourself and others.

5. You will learn in a guru tradition which is how yoga has traditionally been imbibed. The guru is a channel in guiding you to re-parent yourself.

6. A transformative environment and practices. This helps you to understand and align with the different dimensions you exist in. This increases your self worth infinitely and will reflect in all areas of your life.

7. You attune to access the great wisdom field and learn to keep that connection. This allows you to expand consciousness and download solutions to life’s challenges.

8. You will use and properly apply various classical tools like mantra, jathi, kriya, asana, mudra, pranayama and sankalpa to discover and reconnect to your deeper dimensions.

9. Rare practices and principles for deep subconscious cleansing which are subtle yet powerful. This may bring to the surface unresolved traumas, suppressed emotions and darkness that some may find confusing and painful. This can cause you to want to run away from the discomfort or project the inner struggle onto those around you if you are not aware. When you clear it you will find a new layer of lightness and ease in your system and be free of that layer of limitation.

10. You will learn the value of balancing the root and second chakras. This builds commitment. When you do this you can clear and dissolve traumas. This will happen in a safe, gentle, down to earth space. It is important to be aware that self judgements, internal enmeshment or armouring can impede this process. This clearing which fully allows you to embody your highest potential is the greatest service you can do for yourself as well as the world.

11. Experience the value of consciously slowing down, synchronizing and synthesizing to speed up your evolution.

12. You will not only learn about the classical yogic tools but also how to apply them to become more connected with yourself and life. This will balance and enhance all areas of your life, including relationships, work, leadership skills and your grounding in the material word.

13. You will be ready to teach yoga with an understanding of the foundational principles and the deeper implications of this life-path.

This program is essentially a SELF AWARENESS program which enables your Light, lightness and joy to shine through by giving you a structure and technology for evolution.

“Many of us build a tall building without building a strong and stable foundation and wonder why life, be it relationships or work crashes at the smallest disturbance or we live our entire lives walking on eggshells. When things crumble, I take it as an opportunity to go back to the foundation. That is what real yoga teaches us, to go back to the foundation again and again and not be afraid to build a stronger sense of inner security and being.”

– Yogacharini Maitreyi, Founder of Arkaya & Lead Guru for the program


With a total of 250 hours, the Arkaya Teacher Training meets and surpasses the Yoga Alliance 200 hour requirement. Once the program is completed, you will be eligible to register as a Yoga Alliance 200 hour yoga teacher.There are four segments to the program. The first three modules run from Saturday July 20th, 2019  to Sunday November 10th, 2019 with breaks in between.

Community classes will take place from November 2019 – April 2020.

This structure is designed to allow for time and space in which integration of the teachings and practices can occur. 1. Arkaya Foundations For Life (30 hours) @ Yoga on 7th, Vancouver

a) Sat July 20 &  Sunday July 21, 2019

from 10 AM – 7 PM

b) Sat July 27 & Sunday July 28, 2019

from 10 AM – 7 PM

This builds a strong yogic foundation for manifesting the highest potential in you. This segment will lay the groundwork for the healing retreat by integrating your body, emotions and mind.

2. Arkaya Healing Retreat (80 hours) @ Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island

The photo above is taken on Bowen Island at the Arkaya Healing Retreat – this is module 2 of the Arkaya teacher training and is residential. Modules 1,3 and 4 are in Vancouver at Yoga on 7th

In a beautiful residential setting, you will delve deep into rebalancing the chakras and sharing partner work (non sexual) to support each other’s evolution. This will be set amidst pristine nature where you will experience connection to your food through freshly prepared and participative organic meals. There will be nature walks, mauna (partly silent retreat), seed chants (bija mantras) and healing methodologies to deepen your connection with yourself.

3. Arkaya Integrations Program (90 hours) @ Yoga on 7th, Vancouver

Saturdays & Sundays from September 21st to November 10th Saturdays: 1:00 PM to 8:00 PMSundays: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PMNote: there will be a holiday on the Thanksgiving weekend of October 12/13, 2019.This segment provides the major portion of studio teaching time. You will take part in absorbing the practices and the theory. You will see how the internal work you have moved through will help you become a more effective teacher and leader and pick up the theoy faster. It will be holistic and experiential learning as well as intellectual. You will see how this leads to becoming more effective in all of your endeavours in the world as well. 4. Arkaya Community Building and Seva Practicums (50 hours) @ Yoga on 7th & Various Studios

This will allow you to experiment with what you have learned by teaching Arkaya community classes in studios and being mentored by senior Arkaya teachers. You will be part of an already established community gaining support and friendship as you continue your evolution as a teacher and beyond. Arkaya community classes will be taking place from December 2019 – April 2020, of which you will be expected to attend atleast 6 or more depending on other assignments.

Those who do not live in Vancouver will be supported to create a structure for the practicums in their respective cities

Dates in Vancouver for community classes:TBA


1. You will learn that Yoga encompasses everything and this helps you to make conscious choices about all areas of your life. You will manifest and meditate from an integrated space and learn to live a life of love.

2. Correct sequencing of an Arkaya Yoga Class and how the class becomes a structure for life. Through the program and the practices, you will begin embodying and exuding what you have absorbed. Arkaya teachers learn to teach from their being and not just from an intellectual understanding.

3. Meaning and application of Jathi, Kriya, Asana, Pranayama and correct Sanskrit pronounciation.

4. Cultivating discernment and Clear Seeing and how to apply it in your life.

5. Yoga philosophy, Yogic nourishment, Yoga psychology and Yoga as a way of life – living a yoga life 24/7.

6. Multidimentional alignment and healing.

7. Chanting Manthra (sacred sounds) with correct pronounciation and intonation. These sounds have the capacity to release old stagnation in the system that cause physical, emotional or mental disease. This creates more ease in your life.

8. Tantra from a perspective of working with the Shiva and Shakthi, feminine and masculine, yin and yang within yourself.

9. Learn the Yoga of Sanskrit.

10. Get your foundation right before you want to jump steps or get hung up on spiritual fantasy.

………….and much more.

Investment and Payment Options

Please Note: Those invited into the program will have the opportunity to pay different earlybird rates before February 1st or April 1st 2019. In order to maintain quality and individual attention, this will be a small group with a maximum of 12-14 students so we expect it to fill up quite quickly.

All prices are all-inclusive for the four modules (including accomodations and organic vegan meals at Rivendell Retreat Centre for 8 nights) with ongoing mentorship and community after the training is complete.

1. Super Earlybird Rate: Pay the entire course fee before February 1st, 2019 and save $400 off the regular rate.

Cost: 4800$ + $240 (5% GST) = $5,040

2. Early Bird Rate: After February1st, 2019, the rate increases to $4900. Full payment is due by July 1, 2019 or your spot will be given away.

Cost: 4900$ + $240 (5% GST) = $5,040

3. Regular Rate: After April 1st, the rate increases to $5100. Full payment by July 1st, 2019.

Cost: $5,200 + $255 (5% GST).

4. Payment Plan: Those who cannot afford to pay the full amount before the program start, will be considered for a payment plan. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the level of the student’s commitment.

Pay the course fee in 3 installments over the duration of the program.

Cost: $2000 + $2000 + $1600 + $280 (5% GST) = $5,880

Installment Due Dates:

First installment: $2000Second installment: $2000Third installment: $1600

All installments must be received before September 1, 2019.


1. Confirm your interest and apply by registering at the top of the Eventbrite page – cost is $50 to confirm your interest and get the registration form.

2. Within 1-5 business days, we will send you the application form via email. Once you have filled out the application, send it back to infoarkaya@gmail.com.

3. We will then contact you in order to set up a phone interview. The phone interview will help us to f there is alignment with the program as the program is focused on self awareness.

4. If Yogacharini Maitreyi and Ross, feel it’s a good fit and that you are committed to reconnecting with yourself on a deeper level then, we will notify you by phone or email. At this time you will be required to pay $500 to hold your spot. To qualify for the earlybird rate, full payment is due by April 10, 2019.

4. Registration is based primarily on whether you are the right fit for the program. After that, program spots are taken on a first come first serve basis as payments are received. This will be a small group in order to maintain a high-level of individual attention where all participants can dellve deeper.

6 HOUR Chant 3pm till 9pm Sunday 11th june,Melbourne

6 HOUR Chant 3pm till 9pm Sunday 11 june


Please Come along the End of Year Celebration and 6 Hour Chant ..! To be held at Kindred Studios in an intimate setting.

The festivities will begin at 3pm sharp with Chanting to continue until at least 9pm ..Please come for some or all of the event ..as you please ! Its to be held in the Kindred Tv Studio at the Rear of the Building .. with Chai and a Simple Dinner available to be had thru the evening at your pleasure ..

There will be a variety of Lead Kirtanists in the traditional call and response format so everyone can participate .

The intention of the event is to enjoy the practice of Bhakti Yoga together and also cultivate new lead Kirtanists through the process of sharing

Many varied Kirtanists will be on hand this month to fill up the joyous 6 hours .

It’s open to all, both experienced and completely new participants and is an easy and enjoyable practice to be involved with and share with others, leaving you feeling open, clear and relaxed.

The practice of Bhakti Yoga or Kirtan is thousands of years old and has often been described as Meditation on auto pilot. It’s an opportunity to connect with oneself, others and the inner and outer worlds around and within us – harmonising ourselves in the process. Coming together and singing as one is as natural a thing one can do and until recent times has been the main, regular ,social interaction of close groups of people .. its fun !

Please feel free to bring your own cushion also please free to bring a friend. We hope to see you there!

Tickets: $15, $10 concession
Dinner: $7
Chai $3

Yoga Nidra 5 Day Retreat,Auckland 2018

Yoga Nidra 5 Day Retreat

Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland

Wednesday 29 May 2019 – Sunday 2 June 2019

Where:Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland

Restrictions:All Ages

Ticket Information:

  • Admission plus 4 nights Private Room: $926.00 ($900.00 + $26.00 fees)
  • Admission plus 4 nights Twin Share Room: $874.75 ($850.00 + $24.75 fees)
  • Buy Tickets

Phone Sales:

Yoga Nidra Retreat

Wednesday 29th May – Sunday 2nd June 2019

Experience deep relaxation and calmness with Yoga Nidra, basic breathing methods and restorative yoga postures. Enjoy a 5 days / 4 nights retreat at Kawai Purapura, surrounded by bush and native birds. Retreat guests join the first 4 days of our Advanced Teacher Training module “Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga”. Go for a walk, treat yourself at Prema Resident Cafe or enjoy the swimming pool, spa and sauna facilities in between the sessions.

Your retreat start on 29th May at 5pm with an orientation tour around Kawai Purapura. Join us for the welcome dinner at Prema Resident Cafe and for the Havan opening ceremony in the evening. Classes run from 6:30am to 9:30pm on Thursday to Sunday. We finish on Sunday 2nd June with a special evening of Kirtan.

Yoga Nidra is a state of being in which the mind lets go of the external world and turns inward to reflect upon itself. It is a state of deep peace, clarity and acceptance. Yoga Nidra is a specific practice that gradually trains the mind to be able to reach that tranquil space effortlessly. A simple series of restorative postures performed in such a way as to liberate and promote the free flow of gross and subtle movement; Gross movement related to the joints, organs and tissues and subtle movement related to the energetic network / Prana. Working actively with this principle of movement activates the inherent healing and regenerative power. Basic breathing methods encourage optimal breathing patterns and correct poor breathing habits that may either depress or agitate the nervous system, mind and emotions. Basic breathing methods form one of the essential stages of Yoga Nidra and are effective tools for inducing calmness and clarity in any given situation.

Select from 2 different retreat packages:
5 days / 4 nights retreat + accommodation in twin share room: $850
5 days / 4 nights retreat + accommodation in private room: $900
Your yoga retreat package includes the use of our pool, sauna and spa facilities. We provide you with all necessary yoga equipment such as mats, bolsters, belts, blocks and cushions. Not included in the price is catering. Prema Resident Cafe on site provides healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for purchase. There is a kitchen for retreat guests if you prefer to prepare you own meals.

Visit http://yogatraining.nz/yoga-retreats/ for details or contact the coordinator: yogaeducation@kawaipurapura.co.nz

White Tantric Yoga® Toronto, Canada

White Tantric Yoga® Toronto, Canada


About White Tantric Yoga® And MeditationOur minds release 1000 thoughts per wink of an eye. Some of these thoughts get lost in the unconscious, and some get stuck in the subconscious and affect the conscious mind. These thoughts become feelings, emotions, desires, multi-realities or fantasies. Instead of mastering our mind, often our mind and thoughts direct or distract us, which can result in impulsive decisions, poor communication and self-imposed stress.

White Tantric Yoga® enables you to break through these subconscious blocks, so you can have a more enjoyable life. In the shortest time, you can experience release from a lot of the burden you carry in your mind.

When you see and act on each moment with clarity, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life can change. Your mind, body, and soul can act together as one. This is the path to personal freedom and awareness, and will bring more success to every area of your life.White Tantric Yoga® is a registered trademark of Humanology and Health Science Inc.

For further information: www.whitetantricyoga.com

What To ExpectWhite Tantric Yoga® is done in pairs as a group meditation. You sit facing a partner and follow instructions for meditation given on video by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan. A representative of the Mahan Tantric will be present to facilitate White Tantric Yoga®.Each workshop consists of between six and eight kriyas. A kriya is a meditation incorporating one or all of the following:• a yoga posture (asana)• a breathing technique (pranayam)• a mental focus and/or a mantra• a hand position (mudra)Sometimes the kriyas are accompanied by music. These kriyas vary in length up to sixty-two minutes. There are breaks in between each kriya.The environment is peaceful, and the atmosphere is friendly, supportive, and uplifting. A vegetarian lunch is provided.

HOW IT WORKSEnvision the energy of the universe as both parallel and perpendicular in nature, like a cloth woven together. As a cloth becomes stronger when it is stretched on the diagonal, so the White Tantric Yoga® diagonal, or ‘Z’ energy is stronger. This energy, when directed by the Mahan Tantric, cuts through the blocks that are stuck in the subconscious mind.

Using the diagonal energy, the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan, connects his subtle body to the subtle bodies of the participants through the course facilitator. This works the same way as a worldwide telephone system that relies on satellites and electromagnetic energy in order to connect two parties.White Tantric Yoga® should not be confused with black or red tantric. Those forms of yoga also transform energy, but in a different way and for different purposes. Black tantric directs the energy to manipulate other human beings and red tantric directs the energy solely for sexual purposes.

ABOUT THE MAHAN TANTRICYogi Bhajan became Master of Kundalini Yoga at the age of 16 in his native India. He came to the West in 1968. The authority to be the Mahan Tantric, Master of White Tantric Yoga®, was bestowed on him in 1970.

The practice of White Tantric Yoga®, as with most sacred Eastern wisdom, had previously been a tradition passed on from teacher to student in a mystical and selective way. As a pioneer of the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan decided to open the experience of White Tantric Yoga® to anyone who wanted to commit to the discipline. In 1970 in Los Angeles, for the first time in history,White Tantric Yoga® was taught publicly.

Until 1986, Yogi Bhajan traveled throughout the world presenting as many as thirty workshops each year to thousands of students. In 1987, using his unique abilities as Master, together with modern technology, he began to present White Tantric Yoga® as a video-taped series which has the same effect as when he was physically present. He said the videos would continue to have the same effect when he was no longer in his physical body. This has proven true, and in fact since his passing from his physical body in October, 2004, thousands of students have confirmed that their White Tantric Yoga® experience is one of being in his presence.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?There are no prerequisites for participating in White Tantric Yoga®. Beginners will tune into their internal energies and enjoy a deep and sometimes challenging meditative experience. More advanced meditation practitioners will deepen their experience and make new inroads to their spiritual awareness.

For Additional Information on all White Tantric Yoga® workshops and to see a schedule of all courses go to www.whitetantricyoga.com

Full Moon Candlelit Kirtan,North Adelaide, Australia

Full Moon Candlelit Kirtan


The Full Moon in May is a special moon event as it is also a Blue Moon. Full moons are a powerful time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of life itself. Join The Mantra Room for a full moon candlelit kirtan on Sunday 19th May. Immerse yourself in the singing of purifying transcendental mantras that will connect you with the Supreme Spirit and give you the opportunity to be bathed in love. Energy can run high during a full moon and emotions can become heightened, a perfect time to come together with others for a candlelit kirtan, a powerful way to bring healing to the soul. This wonderful evening will also include a short talk on yoga wisdom and a delicious vegetarian meal is on offer.

Free event. Delicious vegetarian meal available for $10.

Restorative Yoga by Candlelight,North Adelaide, Australia

Restorative Yoga by Candlelight


We are delighted to welcome back our Restorative Yoga by Candlelight session for 2019.

Our last event was a sell out!

Come join Cherie in a beautiful restorative yoga class and bathe in the warmth and glow of soft candlelight. Here you will be invited to deeply relax the body, restore the breath and calm the mind. In this restorative yoga class our focus will be on completely surrendering and relaxing the entire body – each position will provide you the opportunity to reclaim your wholeness and equilibrium. Rediscover your inner silence and cultivate inner peace.

Restorative Yoga is all about slowing down and opening our bodies through complete surrender while being supported by props (very different from our usual yoga asana class).

Restorative Yoga is a healing and nurturing practice and includes light twists, seated forward folds and gentle back bends.

Did you know? There are many benefits to Restorative Yoga including:- Enhances flexibility- Deeply relaxes the body- Stills the mind- Improves capacity for healing and balancing- Balances the nervous system- Boosts the immune system- Enhances mood states

Included in the class will be a selection of restorative poses, breathing exercises (pranayama), hand mudras, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and a beautiful sacred kirtan meditation to complete the practice.