23rd Shaheedi Tournament (Griffith Sikh Games) 2019, New South Wales , Australia

23rd Shaheedi Tournament will be held on 8 and 9June 2019 at Ted Scobie Oval Collina (Griffith).

Shaheedi Tournament (Sikh Games) in Griffith is organised in the memory and honour of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their elite faith and Sikh values of life. This 23rd Shaheedi Tournament (Griffith Sikh Games) 2019, New South Wales , Australia promotes and keeps alive the most popular sports of Punjab in general. Tournament in Griffith also provide an opportunity for people living in metropolitan cities to visit Griffith and enjoy the hospitality provided by the local community. The 2018 Tournament was attended by over 12,000 people from Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Every year the Tournament is growing and attracting more and more people to Griffith and it is estimated this year’s Tournament to be attended by 12,000 to 15,000 people from Australia and other counties including New Zealand, USA, Canada and India.

The following games are to be hosted:
Kabaddi Seniors
Kabaddi Juniors
Soccer Seniors
Soccer juniors
Vollyball (Smashing and Shooting) at West End Oval West
Athletics (selected events only for children)

Australia Sikh Games Melbourne 2019. 19th-21st April

Australia Sikh Games Melbourne 2019. 19th-21st April

About the Australian Sikh Games

Australian SikhsThe Australian Sikh Games are the premier sporting and cultural event for the Australian Sikh community. The Games are held every year in capital cities and major regional areas around Australia.

Athletes and spectators from all over the country and overseas, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and the U.K. come to participate in a wide array of traditional Indian and Australian sports and related events.

The Games draw crowds of up to 45,000 people over three days where during which 1,400 athletes compete in 14 different sports.

Organisation of the Games

Australian Sikh GamesThe Australian Sikh Games are made possible through the help of community organisations from around Australia.

These organisations are normally run by volunteers who want to actively contribute to their local Sikh community while also coaching or competing in their chosen sport.

The Australian National Sikh Sports and Cultural Council (ANSSACC) acts as an umbrella body of all partners organisations.

Each year ANSSACC names one of the partner organisations as the next host and hands over responsibility for delivering the Games to a new city around Australia.

Key responsibilities of host organisations include community fundraising, corporate sponsorship, marketing, venue management, sports administration and equipment supply.

History of the Games

The Punjab region of India is renowned for its sporting history and has a reputation for producing world class athletes.

From traditional Indian sports such as kabbadi (wrestling) to adopted sports such as hockey and cricket, Punjabi people and in particular Sikhs from the Punjab, have succeeded at the highest levels.

It is no surprise therefore to see that Sikhs have taken their enthusiasm for sport with them across the world.

This was certainly the case in 1987 when members of the Sikh community in South Australia decided to host a friendly hockey tournament.

The event not only brought together people with a passion for their sport but also represented an occasion for the wider community to celebrate its unique cultural identity, as Sikhs and as Australians.

The success of the inaugural tournament, both on and off the sporting field, led to the inclusion of kabbadi and football in the following years.

Over time, the rising popularity of these events led to the establishment of the Australian Sikh Games, held annually over the Easter long weekend.

Today, the popularity of the event is such that Games are rotated between the major cities and key regional locations such as the North Coast of NSW and the Riverina in South Australia.

The Games have been held in leading venues such as ANZ Stadium in Brisbane and have regularly attracted competitors and spectators from across Australia and overseas including New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and the UK.

Event Details

  • Venue: Casey Fields Blvd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977, Australia
  • Date: Apr 19 – Apr 21
  • Time: Apr 19, 2019 at 9 AM – Apr 21, 2019 at 5 PM
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