Advaita Vedanta Non-Duality Classes: Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita, Melbourne, Australia

Advaita Vedanta Non-Duality Classes: Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita


Advaita Vedanta is Knowledge that ends the search for knowledge. Purpose of these ongoing Melbourne weekly classes – is how to live and integrate the teachings of Upanisads & Bhagavad Gita (highest eternal knowledge available to humans; brahmavidya).

Goal is that this non-dual Self-Knowledge isn’t mere intellectual theory, but it’s assimilated, contemplated directly comprehended, as the unchanging, limitless “I”. Vedanta requires a careful and precise unfolding by a competent teacher, as has always been mandatory in the tradition.

Advaita Vedanta discourses have always remained free and any sincere student ready to let go of false notions and realize the vision of Oneness, will automatically be attracted to Vedanta.

What’s more, traditional and original Advaita Vedanta does NOT ever mix itself with other philosophies/schools. Else it’s disrespect towards the tradition and will not lead the sincere student to moksha (Liberation), rather only keep student fascinated/interested. Why?…

Because Vedanta already has a precise vocabulary and scientific point of view by which student needs to adhere to in order to remove false notions covering the ever-present true “I” (Atman, Self).


One only attends after having a certain level of life experience and maturity. That usually involves having already gone through the spiritual marketplace – and eventually realized that NO methodology, Yoga technique, “secret method” – has yet offered a permanent solution to shifting “I” identity to the UNCHANGING Absolute Truth. Meaning…

When all is said-and-done and one has nowhere else to go, that’s when Vedanta (essence of Upanishads) shows up – and ends one’s search permanently. Clarity about everything is discovered and enjoyed.

Classes are already running. You are welcome to join, long as see the qualifications on official website under events.

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