Easter Egg Hunt and Activities – King, ON

When: Fri April 10th and Sat April 11th 9 am- 4 pm we will be hosting an Easter Egg hunt for all–young and young at heart!

Come any time and have fun finding a dozen different coloured eggs hidden in baskets around the farm, and exchange them for an Easter bag of treats. No rushing around, pushing or shoving just lots of fun for everyone!

Easter egg hunt 
Go to the barn and see the baby farm animals, pet and hold bunnies and baby goat
In the greenhouse visit and hold the chicks and ducklings
Colour an Easter picture to take home
Hop on the farm hoppers in the hopper coral
Tractor driven wagon ride – weather permitting

Cost: $24/family of 4- 5 or $6/person. (age 2-92)
Bbq available
Available in our Market:
Farm fresh eggs, tarts, cookies, honey, fudge, pies, jam, maple syrup, turkey products and vegetables.
Décor items: decorated gourds, bouquets, lavender jars and pouches and more

Don’t forget to dress for the weather!


MrnMrs Valentine 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

A pageant for Married Couples a Family friendly Event.

Opportunity to..
liven up your aspirations…
liven up your life with your partner…
show how both of you can create a magic togather…
show how your struggles can be a life time memory to cherish…
Show how your flair compliment with your partner’s …

It not just dance..or just singing..or acting… or just fashion..its beyond when u 2 r togather…
Register your interest and we will take u to this new journey !!